Intelligent Retargeting

Save money, deliver a personalized ad experience, drive performance and dominate market share.

Personalized Creative

Ads generated in real-time, showcase the inventory that specific site visitor looked at with over 990 ad permutations, driving your shopper right back to the VDP

Recommendation Engine

Each visitors actions on your VDPs are tracked and analyzed giving our engine the power to recommend other vehicles in your inventory based on their searches.

Interactive Ad Environments

We allow your site visitors to browse your inventory within the ad themselves. Understanding the range of vehicles that a shopper is interested in has allowed us to drive a 1.1% CTR on average.

Premium Ad Inventory

With 6 out of 10 ads never being seen, it’s important to ensure you have the highest quality ad inventory. We have access to prime inventory across mobile and desktop to dominate viewability.

Pay for Performance Model

We only charge our clients when we’re able to re-interest a lost site visitor back to a specific VDP. If they don’t click, you don’t pay.

24/7 Customer Support

Our roadmap to success has been tested and optimized to give our customers every available training and learning tool with defined milestones and 24/7 customer support.

Increases by the numbers

SpinCar’s advanced retargeting engine generates the most personalized VIN-specific creative in the industry which has led to amazing results for dealerships.



166% increase in conversions

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Google Analytics

We’ll help you clean up your Google Analytics accounts and establish proper tracking as part of our on-boarding process at no charge!

We work with your web provider to set up informative event-tracking such as recording of chats, text, calls and various form fills.
Our team will set those events as goals so you can track performance of various traffic sources
We’ll help you pin-point top conversion drivers and under-performing channels
We’ll pipe this data into your custom Google Data Studios Dashboard (see below)

Google Data Studios Dashboard

Our team will build out a custom GDS dashboard which will help you visualize important site data that help you make more informed marketing decisions.

Know what’s driving VDP views across used, new and CPO inventory
Understand which sources of traffic are driving your various conversions
Get a clean look at top-line metrics to isolate strong performing investments
Real-time data tracking of your customers

Sell More Cars

Because our ads are hyper-personalized to the exact cars & features that site visitor looked at on your site, plus we drive them right back to that VDP.

Save Money

We have a pay-per-click pricing model. Meaning you only pay when we’re able to re-interest someone back to the VDP they clicked on.

Dominate Market Share Online

We have access to premium ad inventory (ex. the tops of CNN or ESPN web pages) that completely displace your competitor from showing an ad to that site visitor

Drive Up Conversion Rates

4.6% of the visitors who click on our personalized ads submit a lead, call, text, chat, as well as fill out a credit app and request a test drive.

Would you like to see a live running campaign? Let us know!

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