• Engagement Based VIN-Specific Retargeting

    We help dealers boost their conversion rates, increase inventory turn while driving marketing costs down on a performance based model.

How Our Engine Works

We retarget each specific visitor on a 1-1 basis. We analyze how they sort the SRP, which VDP’s they visit, time spent on VDP and proprietary SpinCar engagement data to determine who should be retargeted and which vehicles they should be shown.

PPC Pricing Model

Only pay when we’re able to re-interest a lost site visitor back to a specific VDP.

Personalized Design

With up to 977 different ad permutations, our retargeting engine designs the ads specifically for each unique visitor, helping you re-engage and convert more visitors more quickly.

Recommendation Engine

We’ll show your site visitors your inventory that they have yet to be exposed to, that have similar characteristics to the vehicles they looked at.

Premium Ad Inventory

To ensure we displace your competition and that your ads are seen, we have access to ultra-premium ad inventory across all devices.

Why Use SpinCar's Retargeting Engine?


Because our ads are hyper-personalized to the exact cars & features that site visitor looked at on your site, plus we drive them right back to that VDP.


We have a pay-per-click pricing model.  Meaning you only pay when we’re able to re-interest someone back to the VDP they clicked on.


We have access to premium ad inventory (like top of CNN or ESPN) that completely displaces your competitor from showing an ad to that site visitor


4.6% of the visitors who click on our personalized ads submit a lead, call, text, chat, fill out a credit app and request a test drive.

Unparalleled Ad Inventory

With access to Premium ad inventory, standard ad inventory, FB ad inventory and now dynamic VIN-specific Video inventory…

You’re able to re-interest the most engaged site visitors before your competition does.

Allows you to

Dominate online market share

Drive up conversion rates

Increase Inventory Turn

Generate more efficiency from ad spend

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