In our constant attempt to offer exceptional service to our family of dealers, we are always looking towards the future to find new ways to help you separate yourself from your competition. We’re excited to announce several new upgrades this month in our Product and Tech Updates Newsletter.

Product and Tech Updates:

Hendricks dealer finds SpinCar Retargeting sells 11 cars

Do you know the exact ROI of your retargeting spend? Now, dealers leveraging our proprietary SpinCar consumer interaction data through our retargeting solution can precisely measure hard ROI on their ad spend. This is accomplished through a proprietary attribution engine that washes retargeting data against DMS sales reports. Find out more about our retargeting solution.

SpinCar Capture 4.6 is live in the App Store

SpinCar Capture 4.6 is live in the App Store. This new version supports static exterior photos in addition to video-based WalkArounds. You can easily select a number of exterior photos and we’ll automatically create templates with pre-set photo prompts. Moreover, the new version supports manual adjustments and locking of key camera setting like: focus, exposure, white balance, and flash.

Your Lead Intelligence Reports got a facelift

To make our lead intelligence reporting more effective, we have recently redesigned its look and feel. A new accordion based design has been employed to make finding specific details much easier. The new LIR has a ‘global view’ to get a quick picture of the consumer before you drill down into the finer details. We’ve also added some awesome new metrics that make this report even more actionable.

Beta opportunity: In-app hotspot tagging

Work is in progress on a future version of SpinCar Capture that will allow in-app tagging of hotspots. A primary use case is tagging an after-market feature of the vehicle that can’t be picked up in the data feed. Some dealers are already using this in beta to tag damages, too. Want to be part of the beta? Contact your Account Manager ASAP!

We’re constantly creating new and better tools to get inventory off of your lot faster. Stay tuned for next month’s product and tech updates.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our new features or upcoming releases or developments, please contact your Digital Account Manager or email You can also get real-time updates by following us on LinkedIn

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