May the Force Be With You!

This holiday season, Shoptopia began working with SwipeToSpin make it easier for its 300 shopping centers to increase their consumer engagement on the web and drive traffic in-store.

Shoptopia used Swipe to Spin to allow consumers to view a 3D model of one of this year’s hottest gifts—Nike’s Fitbit Force—online. Shoptopia’s usage of Swipe to Spin 3D content increased page views markedly, in total by +18%.

Shoptopia® is a shopping companion that goes shopping with you. It finds products you want in stores near you. It can show you which stores are in what mall. It even feeds you deals that are available from stores you like while you’re shopping. Shoptopia keeps you informed so you can catch the latest trends and see the hottest deals. It’s the ultimate tool to use before, during and after you shop-on your iPhone, iPad or at Shoptopia is a service of PlaceWise Media.

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