• Custom-tailored Marketing Tools

Custom-tailored Marketing Tools

SpinCar leverages its unique data sets to serve more relevant ads and drive more sales. No longer will your ad system incorrectly guess and mis-profile a prospect. SpinCar’s engagement data ensures accurate profiling, delivering better ads, that perform a magnitude more efficiently.

Gain more control over your market

Our unique system grants dealers transparency and comprehension of their marketing funnel like never before. By understanding the levers of their business, dealers can much more accurately predict spend and sales.  

Stop feeding your competition

You advertise to get people to your site. Once on your site, people get distracted or go to a research site. Once they leave, they’re assaulted by your competition, who then win the deal on your dime. SpinCar’s system plugs this leak and ensures you keep the visitors you attract.

No more money wasted on ads

• 56% of ads on the internet are never seen by a human being! Do you like wasting money? We didn’t think so.
• SpinCar operates all of its marketing solutions on a performance basis, so you won’t pay unless someone engages.

Lower cost per vehicle sold

An intelligent machine learning system paired with custom-tailored ad units based on consumer behavior drive your marketing cost per vehicle sold way down

Intelligent Retargeting

SpinCar Intelligent Retargeting is the highest leverage advertising tactic in automotive. Every single eCommerce company maximizes retargeting spend as they understand its importance. Dealerships fail to recognize this, due to the prevalence antiquated and static retargeting systems. SpinCar’s dynamic engine will re-engage visitors whom you’ve paid to get to your site. This can drive a 10% lift in car sales in month 1.

Cross-device match

Most consumers start shopping for a vehicle on their phone, then, as they get more serious, they switch to their tablet or computer. With other retargeting providers, you lose that consumer during their transition. SpinCar’s proprietary device-matching technology

Direct publisher relationships

Typically small businesses, like dealerships, get ‘backfill’ ad inventory. That is, after a publisher sells its best inventory to its marquee clients, it gives its subpar inventory to the ad exchanges, whom dealerships buy through. SpinCar’s retail roots enabled it to develop direct publisher relationships, which give dealers access to premium inventory, to drive higher performance.

Performance based model

56% of internet ads are never even seen by a human. SpinCar engages on a pay-per-engagement model, so you know you’re not wasting money.

Tailored PPC

In maintaining a culture and thought process revolving around “engagement driven channels” we execute smart, hyper-personalized dynamic inventory ads that are meant to deliver super relevant and high quality traffic to your VDP’s and avoiding low converting queries.

We believe dynamic inventory ads are critical in ultra-competitive industries like automotive.

We focus on delivering traffic that converts at highest possible rate. Here’s how they work:

  • Our ads are dynamically generated based on a user’s specific google search.  If he’s searching or a specific vehicle and you have it, your ad will be specific to that vehicle.
  • Instead of pre-built ads that aren’t hyper-relevant to the information the user is seeking, our personalized search ads are generated in real-time and deliver the exact information the consumer is looking for!
  • Landing pages are dynamically inserted based on the specific vehicle the user searches that matches what you have in inventory so that if he clicks on the ad, it will take him directly to that VDP!
  • Better relevancy, higher CTR, better performance
  • Save time.  No need to create keywords list, bids and ad copy.  Let our system determine relevancy and create the ad dynamically.
  • Frequent, automatic updates to your inventory are reflected in the system, showing only cars that you have on the lot.  You will always be connecting in the most powerful way.
  • Capture more traffic.  With 20% of Google searches being unique, our personalized dynamic ads allow you to be flexible and responsive, allowing you to capture all search traffic.
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Trusted By These Companies

“It’s efficient, it’s easy to use and not only is it easy to use for us; it’s also intuitive for the customer online.”
Lewis VelasquezMarketing Specialist, The BWM Store/ Cincinnati Mini
"There is really good information and behavioral data we can also get from SpinCar. This delivers a better, more immersive experience for our customers, and at the end of the day, that's whats important."
Bill FeinsteinPresident, Planet Honda NJ