Your Vehicle Display Page (VDP) is your dealership’s first impression

Improve Vehicle Inventory Photography with the new SpinCar Mobile App.

SpinCar Mobile: The New SpinCar App

A lot is riding on your first impression, and it often starts with your vehicle display page. Customers may bounce soon after viewing a VDP, unless your content is there to engage them. With the ability to control the way a vehicle is displayed, you can ensure you are putting your best foot forward. By using the SpinCar app, you have complete control over your media and customers can experience your inventory in a whole new way.

Using the SpinCar app is easy and requires only an iOS device to capture high-quality, 360-degree walk-arounds that are sure to impress. Your customers on the Web want a clear view into what you’re selling them and they want to be presented with features purposefully – features they care about. With the ability to create engaging hotspots right from the app, you allow customers to dive into product details where it’s preferable for them, letting the user guide their own experience.

[testimonial name=”Devin Daly” info=”CEO, SpinCar”]SpinCar users see an average increase in time on page of 56% and this leads to an increase in leads – in fact, we guarantee it.[/testimonial]

It’s worth saying that the time they spend on your site they don’t spend on your competitor’s.

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