Truly Intelligent Reports

Intelligent Reports

We will provide you with several customized reports that give you daily and weekly insights to your website and photography performance. Moreover, we give you unprecedented Lead Intelligence Reports that allow your BDC to more effectively set appointments and increase show rates by 22%!

Lead Intelligence Report

This report uses engagement data to show exactly what each consumer has spent time on, enabling custom BDC follow-up. Arm your BDC with this info to set 22% more demos per week.

Weekly Performance Reports

This report consolidates convoluted website metrics and simplifies it into an easy to read one-page format to help you understand how your website is performing. With your website driving 92% of car sales, it’s important to understand what’s happening online.

Daily Photography Reports

Build more accountability into your daily photo process. You can find everything from vehicles shot by day, vehicles that are past recon goals, and your time-to-online counts.

360 Manager

This is your main access point for your entire inventory. You can access your reporting from this tool as well as keep track and spot check all of your hotspots and spins that are live on your site.

24/7 Customer Support

You will have a personal account manager that is available at all times to provide training and ensure any questions about our products and services are answered.


We guarantee photographic consistency & ensure value-added features are captured.

Lead Intelligence Report Walk Through

Granular Business Intelligence Reports

 Proprietary reports will be delivered right to your inbox! This set of reports will help your dealership to understand the drivers of your business like never before. Using engagement with hot spot features, we understand the consumer behavior that drives more efficient sales & marketing.

Lead Intelligence Report

These reports use hotspot engagement data to show exactly what each consumer has spent time on, enabling custom BDC follow-up.

Consumer Intelligence at the palm of your hand
Effective Sales training tool for customer satisfaction
Seamless integration with all CRM systems: Reports flow directly into the comments section of each lead
Real-time updates
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Website Performance Reports

Prove our ROI and help us earn our 99% customer retention rate while giving you all of the information on your site’s performance with SpinCar.

Leads by week
Conversion rate comparison
Engagement rate comparison
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Daily Photo Reports

Bring accountability and transparency to an otherwise loose dealership process

Number of cars shot by day
Inventory coverage rates
Vehicles exceeding recon goal
Days from intake to online
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360 Manager

Customer’s access point to all of their spins, inventory, data, and more

Navigate a full list of your inventory, and sort and filter for 360 WalkArounds® by date, photo count, and more.
Access SpinCar’s real-time reporting any time.
Find customer-specific interaction history, as well as vehicle-specific engagement data.
Create new hotspots, edit existing ones, and adjust photo sequences.
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We offer photographic consistency for your website

We are confident that our product will enhance the user experience of your website. 

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