• Granular Business Intelligence Reporting

    SpinCar’s set of proprietary reports helps dealerships understand the drivers of their business like never before. Using engagement with hotspot features, SpinCar understands consumer behavior to drive more efficient sales and marketing. Get an edge on your competition with this proprietary data.

  • Independent Study by Dominion

    Dominion Dealer Specialties recently conducted a study of dealers using their inventory management and merchandising tools. The results are impressive. Good merchandising statistically helps sell cars faster. There was improved turn for certified, new and used vehicles, though the most dramatic results related to used vehicles.

Lead Intelligence Reports

These reports use hotspot engagement data to show exactly what each consumer has spent time on, enabling custom BDC follow-up. Is Jim a performance buyer or an outdoorsmen? He watched the racing video twice and read the performance specs 3 times after learning about the M Package. Arm your BDC with this info to set 20% more demos a week.

Seamless integration with all CRM systems

Reports flow directly into the comments section of each lead. No additional login is needed to access this info.

Real-time updates

On the phone with a prospect? Keep his LIR open to see if he’s engaging while you’re on with him. Did his report change after your conversation? What resonated?

F&I Product Integration

Use SpinCar’s hotspots to include info about your F&I products. Then, use LIRs to understand which F&I products a prospect is interested in, so you can spend more time on it.

Inventory Activity Reports

This unique report rolls up all consumers’ activity on a vehicle to help you understand what you should be highlighting on every vehicle. Are conversion rates significantly higher if someone sees an SUV has a DVD player? Highlight that above all else. Are bounce rates higher when someone views the cloth seats? Don’t tag it! Your Lead Intelligence Report also shows engagement metrics against all of your other vehicles, so pricing and spiff decisions can be made armed with more data. Is that 63 day old truck getting loads of views and minimal conversions? Re-think your pricing.

Integration with all inventory pricing tools

Inventory pricing tools do a great job in helping make sure you’re priced appropriately for the market, but they fail to leverage consumer data. Essentially they just use ‘supply’ data and forget about ‘demand’ data. By merging the two, you’ll find opportunities to increase front-end gross by as much as 15% on average.

VDP Intelligence Reports

This report consolidates convoluted website metrics and simplifies it into an easy to read 1-page format to understand how your website is performing. With your website driving 92% of car sales, it’s important for GMs and dealer principals to understand what’s happening online. This report breaks it down so trends and changes are obvious.

Popular features

Popular vehicles

Number of VDPs per visitor

Bounce Rate

Time on site

Conversion rates

Lead Intelligence is perfect for your dealership!
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“Our customers love the engagement that they have with the vehicle and the ability to go inside the car that has them spinning the picture around. Any time a customer can spend more time looking at the vehicle they are interested in purchasing is great for everybody. If the customer can spend more time looking at the page and engaged with the car, that can certainly help the inventory turn quicker.”
Joseph J. MarraPre-Owned Manager, BMW of Manhattan

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