How to Kill a Blue Elephant: Knowing Your Customer to Close More Sales

How do you kill a blue elephant?

Shoot it with a blue elephant gun.

How do you kill a red elephant?

Strangle it till it turns blue, then shoot it with a blue elephant gun?

Wouldn’t it be more effective if you just had a red elephant gun? And what do you do when you don’t know what color the elephant is?

The same principle applies to sales: you have to know your customer. If you have a deep understanding of what each and every prospect wants, their unique needs and values, you can help them to fulfill those needs more effectively. Having this understanding is essential for successful business people.

Clearly it’s important to understand your customer and you can do this by leveraging data that you have. But, what about on an individual level? How about venturing beyond general demographic data to understand each individual customers’ unique needs before they ever enter the show room?

We’re pleased to announce that after months of development, we’ll soon be adding Lead Intelligence Report functionality to the SpinCar suite of software to achieve exactly that goal. You’ll now be able to see which features matter to your consumers.

What’s so exciting about this new feature set is the power that it gives your BDC department and salesforce. When you know that a customer spent several minutes examining the safety features of a vehicle compared to only a few seconds looking at the engine, you’ll know exactly how to steer the conversation and immediately build a personal connection with each and every lead.

Rather than strangling your customers until they turn blue, you’ll now have the right tools tailored to nurture each and every lead!

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