Answers to your most important questions.

No doubt you have a few questions about SpinCar select from the FAQs below or for answers to any other questions call our new accounts team today at (646) 692-3535.

How does SpinCar work with my photography process?

For each car, your photographer will take a series of photos of the car’s exterior, then a series of photos of the car’s interior, and then finally, take a series of hot spot photos of pre-determined features like the engine and trunk. There is no special hardware to purchase.


Will SpinCar’s photography process slow down my photographer?

SpinCar’s photography process will not slow down your photographer, assuming that they’re taking the industry standard of 15 – 20 photographs per car today. And if they’re not, they should be anyways! More photos equal more leads.


How many photos does SpinCar require?

SpinCar’s standard, recommended number of photos per car is twenty-six (26), but you’re welcome to take even more photos. Spins can also be created with as few as 10 photos per car.


Can SpinCar process my existing inventory photos to make 360 WalkArounds?

SpinCar will process your photos on a go-forward basis once you signup. If you re-take photos of your existing inventory using SpinCar’s process, we’ll process those photos for free, too.


Does SpinCar work with my photo distribution platform?

Yes. Your photographer will continue to use your existing photography distribution platform (or “feed”). After you signup, SpinCar will begin receiving your feed.  SpinCar works with all photography distribution platforms (Authenticom, HomeNet, eCarlist, etc.).