Dealer Spotlight: Lexus of Lehigh Valley

Nate Wiener, digital marketing manager at Lexus of Lehigh Valley in Allentown, PA sat down with SpinCar to discuss how partnering with SpinCar has impacted his dealership. As a recent adopter of SpinCar, Nate walks us through the benefits of SpinCar, shares insights into the implementation process and most importantly, how he got the easy and fast solution his dealership needed for effective vehicle merchandising.

“A stock image is not going to do it for a used car,” says Nate.

Customers want to see the unique car they are considering buying; there is only one like it. The 360-view has been huge for the website engagement for Lexus of Lehigh Valley and Nate because the customers can finally see the details of a car, especially with the 360-degree interior spin.

By using SpinCar, Nate explains how he’s had amazing time savings. Before SpinCar, Nate would need to capture on average 33 single-upload photos per car. Now, using SpinCar Nate can take on average 23 photos and now can include a 360-degree spin. Most importantly, Lexus of Lehigh Valley is now able to get the car online after detailing the very same day.

Nate says that SpinCar is the low-cost, high-quality dealership merchandising solution they needed to get vehicles photographed and online with the 360-degree view that consumers want. Hear more from Nate in his video review of SpinCar:

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