SpinCar’s UK Debut

Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.

The energy never stops at SpinCar®, no matter what continent we are on! Last month we hopped across the pond to visit our neighbors in the UK for a very exciting event. CDX is a great opportunity for new technologies to showcase the benefits it can deliver to dealerships. Everything from market insights, to panel debates, and of course showing off the newest in gadgets and apps was found at CDX17.

Keeping The Praises Coming

SpinCar® was pleased to attend the event and demonstrate the capabilities of the Mobile Capture App and 360 WalkAround Web Display with Volkswagen USA senior member Michael Ashton. Ashton’s first experience with SpinCar® was a 25 dealer partnership that resulted in VW America being blown away by the results that were being reported throughout the dealerships. Dealerships saw an increase of 44 leads for the month and a  30% higher conversion rate, which made is very easy for Ashton to continue the partnership with SpinCar® and take the technology to the UK.

Also singing the praises of this incredible technology was Victor Coutin, who is the managing director of GuardX- a leading manufacturer of a range of innovative products which are approved by motor manufacturers and used by Motor Dealers worldwide. In a recent article published by Car Dealer UK, Coutin speaks about the now, 8-month-old partnership that GuardX began with SpinCar® is still creating excitement within the company and the future of bringing the SpinCar platform into the UK.

SpinCar® CEO Devin Daly had some great things to say about his time in the UK!

“This year’s CDX was very memorable for us, and we will continue to keep our UK dealerships informed and updated on everything SpinCar has to offer, as well as talks about our place in CDX18 next year in Manchester. I am confident that we have made our footprint within the auto industry in the UK as we expand our technology further to accommodate the needs of our overseas partners and dealerships.”

Devin Daly, SpinCar® CEO 


The single day event was packed with workshops, forums, and over 2800 attendees! Our favorite Live Stage panel was the presentation of the future of digital dealerships. Tim S of Gforces and Karen of Car Wow both commented that while they thought there will certainly be a shift to an entirely digital car sales platform, that this platform is still years away from being a reality. They also made a point to mention that making the online experience easier for the consumer and car shopper is the top priority of the motor industry going into the future and taking the first steps into complete digitization.

We love the energy that we see at CDX, and we are elated to be able to bring our technology to the UK. VP of Sales Bruce O’Brien was also impressed with the hospitality shown to SpinCar®.

“I love going to the UK. Creating these amazing partnerships with GuardX as well as attending shows like CDX17 just further proves that what we are doing with our 360 Mobile Capture App and the ease of its use is being noticed, and not only in the states. It’s a great accomplishment to be welcomed so warmly into this market.”

Bruce O’Brian , VP of Direct Sales



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