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    SpinCar’s Mobile Capture Application is proven to increase photographer efficiency by 2-3 times while guaranteeing photo consistency and promoting higher inventory coverage.

2-3x increase in Photo capture efficiency

Because of SpinCar’s time saving features, a photographer can go from VIN scan to website in 90 seconds!

  • Automated VIN scanner – Works on all makes and models internationally
  • Sensor-fusion image stabilization – Our proprietary stabilization algorithms leverage all the sensors on your photography device to stabilize the video and extract perfect stills.
  • Vid-to-pic technology – SpinCar automatically extracts photos from a single walkaround video. This is customizable to exactly what angles you want to feature.
  • 360° Interior camera integration – No more climbing in the backseat then switching to the front. SpinCar integrates perfectly with several 360° cameras and in one touch, you capture the whole interior of the vehicle.
  • Wireless upload – Typically a photographer must drag and drop photos based on VIN into folders. SpinCar syncs with your DMS feed and uploads in one touch.

Perfect photo consistency

It is imperative your cars are shot consistently so a user knows what to expect. Otherwise, the experience is jarring and disjointed. SpinCar ensures every single vehicle is shot to your expectation, regardless if an employee leaves or calls in sick, or in the case of other extenuating circumstances.

  • Consistent process for photographer
  • Customizable close-up feature shots automatically populate based on what drives performance. If a car has a backup camera, the photographer will be prompted to shoot it.
  • On-screen prompts and visual guides ensure the vehicle photos and video come out exactly as you want.
  • Ensure a professional look and feel on your site by having all SRP photos of the same angle.

Keep your photographer accountable

Many dealerships struggle to bring photography in-house or to maintain high inventory coverage ratios due to accountability issues. SpinCar’s daily photo reports are emailed to you and are the perfect tool to ensure your merchandising goals are being met.

  • Know how many vehicles your photographer shoots on a given day compared to averages
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your inventory coverage ratios
  • Have a goal for days from intake to photos on site? Get notified of all vehicles that extend beyond this timeframe.

Increase turn rates

SpinCar helps drive down days from intake to photos live on site, which increases turn rates.

  • Is a car ready for photos on Tuesday, but you don’t get it photographed until Friday? No more waiting for the photographer. Shoot a car the day it comes through recon.
  • Want to get it on the site as soon as it arrives, before going through the shop? SpinCar allows your appraiser to do a quick ‘hotshot’ of the car in under 15 seconds, so you don’t miss any leads!
  • On-screen prompts and visual guides ensure the vehicle photos and video come out exactly as you want.
  • The increased productivity allows your photographer to maintain higher inventory coverage ratios which drives turn rates even higher!

Produce perfectly merchandised vehicles

200 high-res zoom and pan photos are automatically extracted from the walkaround video

Seamless interior and exterior 360° spins

  • Auto-export 360° spins to Facebook, where they’ll inevitably engage users in the news feed!

Live video with automatic human voiceover

  • Auto export to YouTube for SEO
  • Cars.com / AutoTrader
  • Facebook integration increases social interactions

Stabilization eliminates jitter and blurry photos

How it works

Scan the VIN

SpinCar’s VIN scanner allows a dealer to avoid typographic mistakes and quickly add the car.

Walk around the vehicle

Simply take a lap around the vehicle. SpinCar’s visual prompts will guide you as you go.

Use the 360° camera for the interior

One shot using a 360° camera captures the whole interior

Take close-up photos

Customize these photos, or use SpinCar’s proprietary relevancy engine to automatically populate shots.


After you shoot all the cars you will do for the day, simply click upload and SpinCar’s software does the rest! In 10 minutes, up to 200 photos, a live video with human voiceover, and a seamless SpinCar 360° WalkAround will be live on your site!

"We don’t want the customer to leave, to bounce off. That’s where SpinCar comes in. It’s a better shopping experience. Customers like to do Walk-Arounds of the cars. There aren’t a lot of other groups in the area that do it so it sets us apart."
Tim FerreiraEcommerce Director, Gary Rome Auto Group
“SpinCar has added a dimension of convenience and engagement for traditional as well as mobile shoppers to our sites that has generated a 65% increase in VDP views. That is money in the bank from our perspective.”
Curt RichardsBDC Administrator, Fort Wayne Toyota/Scion, FW Kia & Lexus of Fort Wayne.
“SpinCar makes my website stand out from my competitors’. Our customers get a unique engagement with our inventory, almost as if they’re viewing it in person. For such an affordable tool, we’ve noticed a considerable impact in our form submissions.”
Corbin EckertInternet Manager, Royal on the Eastside
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