The Capture App

SpinCar’s Mobile Capture App is proven to increase photographer efficiency by 2-3 times while guaranteeing photo consistency and promoting higher inventory coverage.

Increase Photographer Efficiency

2-3X more efficient than a traditional photo process while guaranteeing photo consistency and promoting higher inventory coverage.

Increase Turn Rates

Want to get it on the site as soon as it arrives, before going through the shop? SpinCar allows your appraiser to do a quick “hotshot” of the car in under 15 seconds, so you don’t miss any leads!

Easy Upload

Simply click upload and SpinCar’s software does the rest! In 15 minutes, up to 200 photos, a live video with human voiceover, and a seamless SpinCar 360° WalkAround® will be live on your site!

Perfectly Merchandised Photos

Auto-export to AutoTrader, YouTube for SEO, and Facebook. Even add your pano images to Facebook for insane social engagement!

Guaranteed Photo Consistency

Ensure a professional look and feel on your site by having photos taken from consistent angles and in a consistent order. Customizable close-up feature shots are automatically prompted based on value.

Short Learning Curve

On-screen prompts and visual guides remove the guesswork in merchandising and ensure each vehicle is shot exactly to your expectation!

SpinCar Blur

Your inventory has never looked better. You’ll be able to shoot and edit photos with automatically blurred backgrounds that really make your cars pop! With the background blurred, the main focus of your photos is the vehicle you are selling. Hide unsightly spaces in your photo bay, remove outdoor elements, like weather, advertisements and clutter, and ensure compliance by highlighting just one manufacturer in the frame.


Available in five languages, when you download the Mobile Capture App you will be able to access our easy-to-use interface and see how effortless it is to shoot video and stills to create a seamless 360° degree view.

“This app has been a huge value for our stores. Before using SpinCar we were getting around 225 leads per month. When we implemented the product we saw leads climb to over 300.”

“I use this app on a daily basis at my store and it works great. We are one of the highest volume Honda dealers on the east coast so speed and efficiency is critical to my workflow. I can shoot 3x as many cars using SpinCar’s app than I used to with my DSLR. The 360 interior spin gives our vehicles a factory look and sets us apart from other dealers that’s not using this solution.”

Independent Dominion Study

Dominion Dealer Specialties conducted a study of dealers using their inventory management and merchandising tools. The results are impressive. Good merchandising has been statistically shown to help sell cars faster. Turn was improved for certified, new and used vehicles, though the most dramatic results related to used vehicles.

SpinCar lifts turn rates by 36% on average.

Case Study

See our Capture App in action

The Capture App

In under 3 minutes capture live video, up to 200 photos, and a seamless spin. Upload wirelessly and see it live on site in under 15 minutes.

Scan The Vin

Add cars quickly

Walk Around the Vehicle

Follow the visual prompts as you walk around the car

Take Close Up Photos

Hotspots with rich content automatically added

Image Stabilization

Helps to extract perfect stills and a smooth video

360 Interior Photos

Save time by capturing the interior in seconds

Wireless Upload & Auto-Sync

This one-touch process saves time and gets vehicles online faster.


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