Keeping your dealership customers happy

How to make a difference in your customer experience

Auto dealers are taking the time, energy and money traditionally spent in their stores out of the showroom and redirecting it online. This isn’t to take away from the amazing experiences customers get when they walk into a dealership – … Continue Reading

Car dealerships can benefit from SpinCar and Virtual Reality

Vehicle Merchandising with Virtual Reality

You’ve seen the virtual reality goggles and simulations everywhere from CES to Jimmy Fallon. Virtual reality is starting to be incorporated in marketing and sales strategies of businesses across America. That trend is not going away anytime soon, and it … Continue Reading

Monthly Product Updates: March 2017

In our constant attempt to offer exceptional service to our family of dealers, we are always looking towards the future to find new ways to help you separate yourself from your competition. We’re excited to announce several new upgrades this … Continue Reading

Dealer Spotlight: Lexus of Lehigh Valley

Dealer Spotlight: Lexus of Lehigh Valley

Nate Wiener, digital marketing manager at Lexus of Lehigh Valley in Allentown, PA sat down with SpinCar to discuss how partnering with SpinCar has impacted his dealership. As a recent adopter of SpinCar, Nate walks us through the benefits of … Continue Reading

Winning with Innovative Vehicle Merchandising

Recently, on Progressive Retail with Cory Mosley, Bruce O’Brien, VP of sales at SpinCar, sat down to talk about SpinCar and the benefits of vehicle merchandising, and the impact it has on customer experience. As most dealers are aware, it … Continue Reading

SpinCar Honored with 2017 Automotive Website Award

SpinCar was recently honored with an Automotive Website Award in the category of Website Merchandising. During a ceremony before the 2017 NADA Convention in New Orleans, the Automotive Website Awards were presented to select vendors. Award recipients in the Website … Continue Reading

NADA 2017

Catching up on NADA 2017 with SpinCar CEO Devin Daly

This week, the annual 2017 NADA Convention & Expo is kicking off in New Orleans, and SpinCar is very excited to be attending for the 3rd year in a row. As we join the other attendees in soaking up the … Continue Reading

Dealer Spotlight: BMW Store/Cincinnati Mini

Check out what Louis Velazquez, Marketing Specialist at The BMW Store & Cincinnati Mini has to say about his experience with SpinCar. This store has seen major efficiency gains with their photography process utilizing the SpinCar Mobile Capture App. Moreover, … Continue Reading

360 car automotive marketing

Putting your customers in the driver’s seat with Lessord Chrysler and SpinCar

Lessord Chrysler has found the key to success through its relationship with SpinCar – putting its customers in the driver’s seat. Over the past year, Lessord Chrysler adopted the SpinCar Mobile Capture App for its dealership. Caitlin Garrett, Digital Marketing … Continue Reading

Mac Churchill Saves with SpinCar

Dealer Spotlight: Mac Churchill saves time and money with SpinCar Mobile Capture App

A seasoned automotive photographer shares how SpinCar has saved his dealership time and money. SpinCar has a reputation in the automotive industry for increasing dealer website leads with its 360° WalkAround. However, with the introduction of the SpinCar Mobile Capture … Continue Reading