Blog Series Part 1: 4 Tips to Master Your Dealership’s Online Presence

(Part 1 of a 4-piece blog series on vehicle merchandising)  Show Your Dealership’s Assets Every dealership’s biggest asset is inventory. Without vehicles, your dealership would simply be an empty parking lot with nothing to sell. That being the case, one … Continue Reading

4 Things Every Salesman Needs to Know about Their Customers

1.Customers prefer to do the research from home. Technology has always been used to simplify and mainstream processes and using technology to sell cars might be the best idea yet. If your customer can sit at home; research, find, and … Continue Reading

The Reporting Every Dealership Needs

As a car dealership, there is no doubt you are in a position where your customers are looking at your online offerings to get the information they need on both your dealership and your vehicle selection. With this, they are … Continue Reading

Dealer Spotlight: McKie Ford and Lincoln Reviews SpinCar

This month’s dealer spotlight is Karris Mckie-Kaiser, Internet Director for McKie Ford and Lincoln in Rapid City, South Dakota reviews SpinCar’s 360 Walkaround App and tell us of the positive impact the app has had not only on the dealership … Read More

Are Dealerships Just a Formality in Car Shopping?

The automotive industry has always been an area of rapid development, and 2016 was no exception. What the future holds is unclear; what’s known is the fact that automotive dealerships do not have the luxury of waiting on the sidelines … Continue Reading

How to make a difference in your customer experience

Auto dealers are taking the time, energy and money traditionally spent in their stores out of the showroom and redirecting it online. This isn’t to take away from the amazing experiences customers get when they walk into a dealership – … Continue Reading

Vehicle Merchandising with Virtual Reality

You’ve seen the virtual reality goggles and simulations everywhere from CES to Jimmy Fallon. VR is starting to be incorporated in marketing and sales strategies of businesses across America. That trend is not going away anytime soon, and it is … Continue Reading

Monthly Product and Tech Updates: March 2017

In our constant attempt to offer exceptional service to our family of dealers, we are always looking towards the future to find new ways to help you separate yourself from your competition. We’re excited to announce several new upgrades this … Continue Reading

Dealer Spotlight: Lexus of Lehigh Valley

Nate Wiener, digital marketing manager at Lexus of Lehigh Valley in Allentown, PA sat down with SpinCar to discuss how partnering with SpinCar has impacted his dealership. As a recent adopter of SpinCar, Nate walks us through the benefits of … Read More