A Guest Post from Our Friend John Max Miller Comparing docuPad and SwipeToSpin

In 2005, when I decided to get involved with Coin Data, LLC— the company behind docuPad, I set out with my partners to use technology to make automobile buyers more comfortable in the F&I office. As everyone knows a trip to the F&I office can be quite intimidating. Using the docuPad—a tabletop sized interactive computer— we transformed the F&I office experience.

The docuPad allows car buyers to easily follow along and be an integral part of the F&I process.  DocuPad allows the customer to see products presented onscreen and when the consumer decides to buy one, they see their payments automatically adjust on the screen. The customer involvement created an F&I experience more engaging than ever before.  And it quickly became clear that when a customer had control of what they’re buying in the F&I office, it had an immediate positive effect on the dealer’s bottom line.

Recently, I decided to become an advisor and equity stakeholder in SwipeToSpin because of the same phenomenon we discovered with docuPad. We found that when we let the consumer educate themselves and control the process, the results were phenomenal – higher conversion rates and more revenue and profits for the dealership!

Similarly, SwipeToSpin’s product the 360WalkAround boosts consumer confidence by putting the consumer in the driver’s seat. When shopping a dealer’s website, the 360WalkAround allows visitors to take control of an intimate and engaging 360-degree look at the car they are considering. The 360WalkAround involves the user with a car much more than an online video as they become an active participant in the vehicle education process rather than a passive observer.

Just like with docuPad, the 360WalkAround allows users to get comfortable with what they’re buying.  In the case of the docuPad this led to more F&I sales. With SwipeToSpin this consumer control leads to more time spent on your website’s vehicle description page, more quality leads submitted, and ultimately more cars sold!

It’s been very exciting helping SwipeToSpin grow over the past months and watch the value that SwipeToSpin’s product adds to a dealer’s website.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the 360WalkAround, I’d highly recommend that you do … your competition will soon enough!

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