360º Walkaround

SpinCar’s 360° WalkAround display is perfectly optimized to convert more of your unique visitors into car-buyers. SpinCar’s machine learning engine monitors every move a consumer makes and uses that data to further improve its displays. Differentiate from your competition using this immersive display.

Know Your Customer. Every Customer.

Seamless interior and exterior spin

360° spins are proven to increase conversion rates. SpinCar’s display is seamless due to proprietary stabilization techniques. The interior features a fully panoramic experience that can be automatically exported to Facebook’s newsfeed.

Clickable hotspots

SpinCar’s clickable hotspots ensure the unique features of your inventory aren’t overlooked. Automatically embed videos, close-up shots, OEM collateral, etc. Track exactly which hotspots every consumer clicked on to improve sales conversations. Even use hotspots to show off dents and dings and further convey transparency.

High-res zoom and pan photography

Dealers spend so much money on photography equipment only to see their photos get ‘de-resed’ automatically. With SpinCar’s display, show your photos at as high of a quality as you like. The display also allows consumers to zoom-in, further building confidence in their buying decision.

Guaranteed increase in website conversion rates of 10% or get your money back.

With an average dealer seeing 150 website leads per month and 20% close rates, this means 3 more car deals every 30 days.

Learn how SpinCar VDPs produce an average of 42% more leads and increase consumer engagement by 56%!

Increase time on site

On average, dealers see an increase in time on site of 56%. CDK found this to be a leading indicator of dealer website performance.

Intelligent recommendation engine

Amazon’s recommendation engine is responsible for 35% of their product revenue. 80% of car buyers close on a different car than they began researching. It is imperative that dealers have a robust recommendation engine to show other relevant vehicles.

VDP Urgency Counter

We all know the BDC can use scarcity to improve conversions, why not do the same on your website? SpinCar’s VDP urgency counter encourages people to submit a lead now, before the car is gone!

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