What is SpinCar?

SpinCar 360 has been created specifically to aid dealerships in presenting vehicle inventory in a consumer-interactive display on websites. Our platform is currently being used by thousands of dealers in the USA, hundreds internationally and several OEMs. Our Mobile Capture Application increases photo efficiency 2 times over traditional processes. We guarantee photographic consistency while providing coverage of your entire inventory. SpinCar’s 360 WalkAround web display has been proven to increase website dwell times and conversion rates by providing a fully immersive experience. Finally, our Lead Intelligence Reporting gives you real-time consumer insights that are custom-tailored to your sales and marketing needs.

Spincar is perfect for your dealership!
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Mobile Capture App

Capture a live video in under 3 minutes with up to 200 photos and a seamless spin. Upload wirelessly and see it live on site in under 10 minutes.

Produce perfectly merchandised vehicles

Live video with human voiceover, up to 200 photos, seamless interior and exterior spin.

Increase turn rates

Independent study by Dominion finds SpinCar lifts turn rates by 36% on average. (Turn Rate Increase)

Time Saving Photo Process

SpinCar’s VIN scanning, wireless upload, and vid-to-pic technology decreases time spent per vehicle.

Perfect photo consistency

Guarantee cars are shot to your expectation, every time, regardless of employee turnover.

Increase inventory coverage ratios

Due to increased efficiency and ease of use, SpinCar’s Mobile Capture App will increase your percentage of vehicles with photos.

Daily Photo Reports

Number of vehicles shot, current inventory coverage ratio, vehicles beyond goal.

How does the app work? What does it do?
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Drive higher consumer engagement on your VDPs with SpinCar 360° WalkArounds. SpinCar™ automatically converts your photographs into super-interactive 360º displays with tagged, touchable hotspots. Take a 10-minute web demo and we’ll send you a $50 Amazon gift card as a thank-you.

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Custom-tailored Marketing Tools

SpinCar leverages its unique data sets to serve more relevant ads and drive more sales. No longer will your ad system incorrectly guess and mis-profile a prospect. SpinCar’s engagement data ensures accurate profiling, delivering better ads, that perform a magnitude more efficiently.

Premium Ad Inventory

To ensure we displace your competition and that your ads are seen, we have access to ultra-premium ad inventory across all devices.

Recommendation Engine

We’ll show your site visitors your inventory that they have yet to be exposed to, that have similar characteristics to the vehicles they looked at.

Personalized Design

With up to 977 different ad permutations, our retargeting engine designs the ads specifically for each unique visitor, helping you re-engage and convert more visitors more quickly.

PPC Pricing Model

Only pay when we’re able to re-interest a lost site visitor back to a specific VDP.

Need more control over your marketing?
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SpinCar 360° Walkarounds

SpinCar’s 360° WalkAround engages consumers with an easy to use, intuitive display of your inventory. This is proven to elevate website performance and is a tried and true method of increasing conversion rates in eCommerce.

Increase website leads by 10%, guaranteed

SpinCar’s display is perfectly optimized to drive conversion on your website. Increase the number of leads from your website in 90 days or get your money back.

Increase site engagement by over 50%

SpinCar lets a consumer virtually test drive a vehicle. This leads to more time spent on your site, not your competitors’.

Be more transparent and increase CSI

Showing a vehicle from all angles conveys transparency. Transparency builds trust. Trust wins sales.

Differentiate from competition

OEMs make all of our websites look the same. Make your dealership stand out with super engaging SpinCar 360° WalkArounds.

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“We were searching for something that would provide as much of a realistic experience as possible. We were completely astonished when we saw SpinCar at NADA 100 in New Orleans. We took off straight from there and so far we have had fantastic success and great customer service with SpinCar”
Austen IversonDealer Principle, Iverson Ford
“The roll out and launch with SpinCar was painless, seamless, and it was really easy and actually enjoyable. I had a lot of growing pains with the product I was using prior to SpinCar and it’s just been a very smooth ride since. Working with Dave over at SpinCar has been tremendous, and the support has been fantastic. It has been a very easy journey with SpinCar.”
Nate WienerDigital Marketing Manager, Lehigh Valley Lexus
“We currently have all of our inventory enabled with the 360 degree view and we’ve seen about an 85% lift in conversion rate, more engagement with our VDPs and of course a longer time on our site. Our customers love it because they have a realistic view of each vehicle from every possible angle. It’s really elevated our merchandizing to a whole new level and we are very unique in our market now. “
Karis McKie-KaiserInternet Director, McKie Ford & Lincoln